There is a beautiful hill village called Lepchakha, a few miles uphill from Boxfort.  The village is very beautiful, the people of the village are more beautiful, this is the village of Drukpad community.  Village surrounded by mountains, river, densely forest. Till today electricity did not reach much of the region. Mobile towers along with modern amenities are almost impossible to find in this region.  As far as the cultivable land, it is almost impossible to find a good paddy field. After so many changes and Economic poverty did not dampen the smiles on their faces. Drukapara following the Buddhist religion.


The "Jayanti Mahakal" is to pass through the Buxa Tiger Reserve at a distance of 30 km from Alipurduar.  Crossing the Indian part, trekking on the mountain roads, crossing the jungle of the river, will take you to the mahakal hills and the Jayanti mahakal caves made of the stalactite and stalagmite. Road towards Jayanti mahakal caves is so beautiful and adventurous. Altogether It's a wonderful experience to visit this religious place.

After Saraswati Puja, the remote road to Jayanti mahakal temple is open for tourists, which is located in Bhutan.  Drukpara came down from his home region ,Lepchakha village and sat on the streets of this Mahakal in hopes of earning some extra money. Every year During the festival of Shivaratri, a great number of Indian Hindu fanatics gather in  this Mahakal temple. It lasts until the "Dol Purnima" Holi festival.

Last year, two days before Shivratri Puja, I took my bike there. It was evening, so I decided to spend the night there. Their sincerity and hospitality are not compared with any civic amenities.  They have arranged a stay in a temporary camp, they also have provided a blanket for us without asking.  Spit in the evening, dal rice omelette at night and momo in the morning. The touch of sincerity, the taste of the momo on their hands is different.


Best Time to visit:

The path from Jayanti Mahakal Temple is open just in the months when the riverbed is practically dry. Along these lines, it is prescribed not to visit Jayanti from mid-June towards the finish of September.

Summers are sweltering with temperature coming to up to 86 degrees and winters are somewhat cold with temperature going down as low as 36 degrees. I would prescribe visiting these beautiful caves of jayanti mahakal in winters just as during this season, the most number of Himalayan bird can be because of the shear cold in the uphill region. The riverbed likewise remains generally dry and you find a workable road within the jayanti river..

Additionally, during Shivratri ( A Hindu celebration committed to Lord Shiva essentially saw around the finish of February-start of March ) the nearby organization constructs impermanent scaffolds and stairs and volunteers help you through the most beautiful parts. It isn't actually a perfect time for the travelers who look for isolation from city life.


How to reach

By road

The closest town from Jayanti is Alipurduar. From Alipurduar you can hire a vehicle or auto-rickshaw. The auto-rickshaws will be available from stands or from the street. Make sure the driver knows the actual way to the temple because relatively few of them go to Jayanti and some of them may charge you a huge amount, you need to bargain a lot.

If you reserved a vehicle, you have to pay a good amount for the entry fee at the Buxa Tiger Reserve checkpoint in transit yet at the same time, it is an advantageous choice for most of the tourists because of the comforts prospective.

From backpackers point of view, there is a regular bus service administration from Alipurduar to Jayanti. The journey begins at 6:45 from Alipurduar and reaches Jayanti in about an hour or something like that. 

By Air

The closest air terminal is Bagdogra(IXB), Siliguri. From Siliguri, you can employ a vehicle to reach Alipurduar or legitimately Jayanti gave you have pre-booked a lodging at Jayanti.


By Train

The nearest railhead is Alipurduar Junction(APDJ) and New Alipurduar(NOQ). Both are accable from Alipurduar city from where lots of reserved vehicles and transport are available.

Where to stay

In Alipurduar town,  a lot of convenient accommodation options available. You can likewise pick to remain at Rajabhatkhawa, around 15 km from Alipurduar on the way to Jayanti, which denotes the limit of Buxa-Tiger Reserve. Rajabhatkhawa likewise brags an enormous number accomodation options. It has a government lodge which must be reserved online from the WBFDC site. If you want to take a closer look at the jungle, forest department accommodation can be availed.

Jayanti doesn't have a forest bunglow yet it has many holiday homes of companies(like CESC visitor house at Jayanti). Apart from that, there are numerous private run homestays and hotels at Jayanti and among them, some are placed right on the riverbank.

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