What we do

There are different kinds of travelers in this world An Explore, an adventure seeker, a conventionalist, a dreamer, an evolutionist, A divotie, A colonizer (Pionier), A sometimer, an intrigued (Curious) this wide variety of people have different choice. We the one who craft a good quality holiday package them. We communicate with our client to understand their appetite for travel and then provide them with a good quality of package. We are the golgappa wala or puchka wala of Travel industry. We understand the consumers need. Somebody wants their travel experience to be sweet, somebody wants sour, then very next customer want a very hot one. So in our inventory we have everything.

We are nerd rockstars

There are wheels and giant squid and sharks in the travel industry but as a tiny hilsa from river Ganges we can assure if you try our service you will not regret. As an emerging OTA we will make sure your travel experience satisfaction level should be at least 95%. Now you may ask why 95%? It's because as per our experience and market survey we find 100% is an illusion when it comes to satisfaction level. If somebody is saying they fulfill 100% of your satisfaction it's a lie. Someone can fulfill you 100% need but not 100% satisfaction because we are human beings.


CEO / Co-Founder

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." ~ Marcel Proust


Web Developer

I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way



Let's find some beautiful place to get lost.

We build awesome products

We understand each individual and group has their own distinct travelling requirements like time ,luxury, budget, food preferences, etc. And with our guest oriented program, we give highest priority to your choices and decisions. With our wide variety of customized and special packages, we cater all—from individual travelers to honeymooners, pilgrim groups to corporate business travelers, and holiday tour groups to adventure and cruise lovers, trekking enthusiast to rock climber etc. As one of the rising travel companies in India, we care for our customers. Before any other parameters we are more concern about the customer satisfaction and safety.

1. Design Package Trip

We provide fixed package as well as customized package for our customers. We personally communicate with our customers, understand their needs and suggest them a suitable package depending on their needs and budget. We are specialized in honeymoon, and elderly couples and solo travelers.

2. Hotels

We provide good accomodation for you while you travel in any where in India. We provide special accomodation (Like Tents, cottage *1). We provide accommodation in those remote places where no other online travel agents will help you out.

3. Transport

We do provide transportation service for travelers who want to ensure their transfer from one place to another will be confirmed, secure and within time limit.

3. Consultation

We do provide travel consultation to want to explore our India by his/her own way. The charges are very negligible. We ensure every need of customer should be fulfilled when ever they get service from us. It’s our sole responsibility to our customer that we will support till our limits within his visit.

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